Today I gave Him my mouth.


I will not say anything He is not saying
· I will speak life over all situations and people I encounter. He IS abundant life
I will not gossip about a bro/sis.
· I will encourage and edify His body and if I have nothing good to say I will remain quiet.
I will not tell a lie (grey, black, white) or half truth
· I will speak the truth in love even if it kills me.
I will not boast about my relationship with Him.
· If anything, will boast in my weakness for therein is His strength displayed
I will not show off about what I give for His kingdom’s sake.
· I will not allow my left hand to hear about what my right hand is doing.

Today I gave Him my mouth
I will make jokes that strengthen others and do not tear them down.
I will honor my authority in my words as well as my actions
I will pray without ceasing
I will speak His words with boldness
I will be a peacemaker – I will speak up to resolve situations rather than remain quiet and watch as the enemy brings disunity in the body.
I will be slow to speak and quick to listen

Today I gave Him my mouth
I will speak only as I hear Him speaking
I will sing only as I hear Him singing
I will pray only what I hear Him praying.

It’s a high goal, but I’d rather actually try to live out His word than say I am fully surrendered to God when my body/mind/soul are still mine by my fruit. I know that He will give the grace to live this commitment out.

I shared this to challenge us to examine our lives and the use of our mouths specifically and see how well it reflects what we say, pray and sing to God every Sunday (at least). Am I ACTUALLY given to Him?

For scriptural references for any point, holla @ me.