In all your doing, do not neglect the secret place. The place where you meet with God through His word, prayer and worship. THIS is where you get refreshed. This is where you gain substance. Outside of this, you’re just an echo, just re-iterating what others are learning in THEIR secret place.

Stay with God, spend time with Him. Ensure that all your ministry and service, your work and schooling comes from this place otherwise you’re nothing but a clanging cymbal, adding to the noise thats so prevalent in our generation.

We need those who walk with REAL relationship with God. I constantly find myself getting so busy doing God’s work that I forget to spend time with Him. I ALWAYS see how empty that service becomes, quickly repent and find myself back at His feet. That is the place of greatest honour.

Martha was careful and troubled by many things, but only one thing was needful. Oh that we would never forget this and get sucked in by the busyness of our generation. If JESUS had to take time early in the day to pray, how much more are we in desperate need of time with God?!

Father help us to keep first things first! Help us to actually take time in Your word and not just talk about how great Your word is for us. Help us to live out our love for You by prioritizing our relationship and heart before You. Keep our hearts alive in You. Feeling whatYou feel, praying what You pray and moving on our behalf on the earth!