I’m in love with Jesus.


I don’t think you understand.

I’m head over heels,

stalking Him,

reading about Him,


living off every word He said,

need to be in His presence,

butterflies in my stomach when I hear His voice,

explosions in my mind when I think on Him.

Wanna do what He tells me to do and deeply regret it when I fall short.

Blown away when He demonstrates His love for me afresh everyday.

Blissfully speechless when He reminds me of what He did to finalize His love for me by dying on the tree.

I’m in love with Jesus and He’s in love with me.



This piece is actually a flashback from the past. It was written after hearing some horrible news (horrible from our human point of view and having Jesus show me His side of the story- looking at it from His aerial view). His love shines forth in EVERY circumstance. Run into His arms. Its where you belong.

Written June 2nd, 2011

Update: June 5th, 2011

“Just saaaying, that God completely resolved that situation. COMPLETELY. Like brought something absolutely fabulous out of a hopeless situation! He really DID have something GOOD, no GREAT ready to come out of what looked really frustrating. LOL! Praise Him!”

Sometimes the clearance time is a lot more than 3 days, but the principle remains the same. God is in control and He KNOWS what He’s doing in your life. Trust Him and you will have peace.