Hey there, nice to meet you

You have a dream

But the day to day hustle has left you feeling burnt out and like you’re running nowhere fast.
Underutilized, underpaid and stagnant.
You’ve been trudging along, minding your own business, but there is this nagging feeling that there is more to your life than what you see.

Maybe you

  • Need help finding out your God-given passion and purpose and how to make an income in it.
  • Have forgotten what your dream and life calling is because of the pressures of life.
  • Are weighed down with student loan or other debts.
  • Are passionate about many things, but don’t know which one to focus on or where to start.

You want to be free to go where God sends you, when He sends you there.
No questions asked, no one to report to.
You love to give and invest in others. To use the experiences you’ve had to impact those you meet.
You’ve received prophecies and words about how much God wants to use you, but you don’t see where to start or what to do about it.

You want

  • To live a purposeful life.
  • To be happy in your calling.
  • To be financially free and unchained from your work desk.

Guess what?

Yes you. You can live out the life God has for you.
You can figure out where to focus your passion and get the most fruit out of your life.
You can make money while thoroughly enjoying what you are doing.

But it doesn’t happen automatically.

You need step by step directions and simple guidance to help you find your mojo and learn how to make it work.
You need to be asking yourself the right questions, using the right tools and following specific instructions that will lead you into discovering what God created you uniquely for.

My name is Toyin and I help millennial Christian women figure out their life’s calling and purpose, laugh lots and live at their highest potential. I specialize in helping you become debt free and teaching the step-by-step process of how to build an income where you are most passionate.

Here’s a bit more about me-

  • I love Christmas songs in June

  • I can skip with my hands- ask me when you see me

  • I skipped three grades in Nigeria, one grade in Canada and entered University at the age of 16 (any other grade “skippers” out there?)

  • I’ve released 4 albums and won Best Female Gospel Artist with African Entertainment Awards

  • I’ve been on a 200km, 10 day walk with 25 other awesome women

  • I laugh. A lot.

I have come out of over $23,000 debt, been able to monetize my passion over and over again and gone on some pretty crazy “once in a lifetime” adventures.

That’s enough about me, I’d love to hear from you! Here are 3 things you can do

  1. Stop by one of my upcoming Masterclasses, connect with me in one of my free or paid courses.
  2. Say hi! Schedule for us to chat on a Purpose or Get Out Of Debt call.
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Thanks for stopping by, it’s an honour to do life with you!

Your sis,