3 Reasons Sacrifice Is Necessary To Fulfill Your Destiny.

necessity of sacrifice 3 reasons

  1. You NEED Sacrifice To Stay Humble

You may think sacrifice is what you are doing for God, but it is what keeps you humble. When you are given a task to do that is completely above your capabilities, it causes you to see God’s strength made perfect in your weakness.

Sacrifices keep you carrying the cross. They keep you in Gethsemane praying alongside Jesus Christ. Keeps you dependent and closely knitted to our Father in heaven.

They remind you that you are a bondservant. A betrothed bride. That you are on a mission that is bigger than what you can see.

Sacrifices remind you of the absolute worthiness of the One you live for!

When people see the way that you live for the sake of God’s glory, you give them a small glimpse of His worth.

That Day At York University

I remember when I was in University, I would play my djembe (african hand drum) in Vari Hall. Varih Hall was then a huge open circular rotunda with 4 levels of hallways overlooking the center ground floor area, large classrooms and plenty space for sitting and chilling. It was always bustling with students rushing to and from classes, food breaks, or simply traveling from one part of the University to another.

In that hub of activity, I would play my drum and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through freestyle spoken word to the rhythm of the beat.
Scriptures, encouragement and stories of who He was and what He’s done.

One day a guy who had previously visited my church a couple of times saw me. He slowly came beside me, faced slightly away from me and while trying to act like he wasn’t really talking to me, said “Toyin, what are you doing here?!”
I responded, “Talking about God”.
He said, “Yea I know, but this is embarrassing. Like why are you doing it? Why are you out here embarrassing yourself like this?”
“Because He gave His life for me and this is the least I can do, is share about Him with other people. He’s worth it to me!”

He then mumbled “I don’t know oh, it looks like the way you see God is really different from the way I see Him. I would never have considered doing something like this, maybe there’s something I’m missing about Him… ”
To which I said “Maybe there is” and continued sharing with the crowd of students walking past as he walked away and joined them.

He may have completely forgotten about that conversation as soon as he entered his class, or he may have mulled on that little bit of sacrifice some more, asking God what about Him caused someone to give up their comfort, reputation for being cool ;) -I wish- and anonymity in order to share about Him. That day, he was reminded of the worthiness of God.

But it’s not just about others, the sacrifices you make remind you that He is altogether worthy of your entire life. A God who loves you and gave more than you’ll ever be able to repay. Who went through much more than you can understand.

  1. Sacrifice Keeps Your Passion Alive

Without sacrifice, you would become a nominal christian. You become like everyone else who just wants to live a good and comfortable life. Go to church and still only live for self.

We are fed comfort in the West on a level above anywhere else in the world. From fast food to appliances and gadgets that do everything for you.

We live in a “free” country where you are rarely persecuted for worship or sharing the gospel (though I know many who have been). So what are you really giving? If all He’s asking you to do for the sake of the gospel is a few extra hours in sharing the gospel, or bible study or working with a focus and purpose, why is that so difficult?

What if He’s asking you to work two jobs for the sole purpose of not only covering your bills, but supporting a missionary or sponsoring children in another country? What if it’s calling you to a tour training His body across your nation politically at the same time as other deadlines (preaching to myself), why is that such a big deal?

You need sacrifice if you want to stay passionate in the West. You have to challenge yourself. If you want to simply cruise, what’s the value of being SAVED?

What’s the point of having relationship with the only Being that is able to FIX all the problems in our world and keeping Him to yourself?!

If you stop pushing yourself to make sacrifices for His sake and give in to complaint, your passion and zeal will die. Sacrifice fuels zeal if you let it. If you allow it to ignite complaint, it will take you to the opposite direction.

King David replied to Ornan, “No, I insist on buying it for top price. I will not offer to the Lord what belongs to you or offer a burnt sacrifice that cost me nothing.
1 Chron 21:24

And again

But the king said to Araunah, “No, but I will buy it from you for a price. I will not offer burnt offerings to the LORD my God that cost me nothing.” So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver.
2 Sam 24:24

  1. Making Sacrifices Teaches You That You Are More Capable Than You Think!

Many people do not know this, but God has built you to be much more capable of working, thinking and being than you think or allow yourself to be. If you see yourself as a grasshopper, you will operate as such. You may still do a very few big things but you would always be afraid of being crushed.

If only you knew that God could have asked you to do much more than what you currently have on your plate and you would get it done if you had the right perspective.

When you recognize that the Spirit of the living God lives in you. You will not be afraid. You will not constantly be overwhelmed, burdened, sad, discouraged or depressed. You will walk with confidence into the fullness of what God has called you to do.

You will finish the projects and dreams before you one after the other and when you look back you will be absolutely surprised by how much you have been able to accomplish!

Like one of my life coaching clients once said –

“I never thought I would be able to live out some of my dreams. I’ve learned so much about who Jesus is, been connected to a community/family that genuinely love and pursue Christ, my prayer and devotional life has grown tremendously and since then, I’ve written a book, participated in worship albums and helped others plan and launch their own arts projects and special events.

I’ve helped establish and maintain a non-profit organization, established my own corporation, and served with ministries that are making great impact in Canada and around the world.

My heart has grown so much for my own city to be a culture that honours and upholds God’s principles. There are so many things that I’ve only daydreamed about in the past and now have had opportunity to do on a consistent basis, it’s too long of a list to write.

I could not imagine ever doing any of these things on my own. I am so grateful for a chance to be a part of something like this. It was the catalyst I needed to jump-start my life in a greater way.”

This is not just a testimony of my life coaching program but a testimony of what can happen when a person is willing to MAKE SACRIFICES.

Did you notice that all the ACTION came after her prayer and devotional life had grown tremendously? When you get close to God, He sends you out. Isaiah 6.

Also, what she said here didn’t happen overnight and it certainly didn’t happen while she slept or watched TV with all her spare time.
It took her hard work, sacrifices and willingness to challenge herself physically, career wise, mentally and emotionally.
It took her getting uncomfortable, getting the coaching she needed and actually applying what she learned in her service to God.

Now back to you-

The reason these 3 things are necessary for you to fulfill destiny is because unlike what you may think, that your destiny will simply fall into your lap. “Que sera sera, whatever will be will be.”

Your choices today will determine your fruit tomorrow.

God has a good plan for you. But you must agree with it. You must do the very things you think you are incapable of. Remain passionate and zealous about His will being fulfilled through your life. And finally, you must remain humble or you will self-destruct.

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Let’s stop fighting for comfort while wishing for impact!

everyone wants a miracle necessity of sacrifice

I can just hear Abba say – COME ON FRIENDS! COME ON!

Wherever you have cooled down in making sacrifices for the sake of comfort, to be normal, just like everyone else, I challenge you to up the ante again.

If God is telling you to wake up early or stay up late to spend time with Him, do it.
If He is saying to give up a certain amount of recreation, so that you can spend that time with Him, do it.
If He’s telling you to drop that sinful relationship you have been going back to over and over, do it.
If He’s saying to choose the career path He is calling you to and not the one everyone else is expecting from you, change it!

There are things God wants you to do for the sake of generations that are coming after you.

Are you cutting back where He did not tell you to?
Are you taking on things He did not send you to?

There is a cup for you to drink. It is “knowing him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death”.

Some of you may be asking-

How Do I Recharge When I Feel Overwhelmed By The Work/Pressure?

Change your perspective. Stop letting the stress carry your emotions all over the place.

Pray (ask God for help, grace and strength)
Rest (we’ll talk about how to rest well in another blog)
Review (is everything on your plate supposed to be there?)
Recharge (read the word, play games, start afresh)
Don’t Quit (if you don’t quit, you will win!)


How many God ideas have you let die unfulfilled or half-baked? This is not a call for you to pick things back up unnecessarily. This is a time to get clear on what God is asking you to do right now.

To run focused with what you know are your current assignment(s).
An encouragement for you to do whatever you are doing well.
This is a call to pick up your cross.
To follow Jesus Christ in laying down your comfort and self-created plans.

My prayer is that you will do what God is calling you to. Make sacrifices where He asks with joy and hope in your heart. Knowing that God is worthy of our demonstrated love!

Let’s talk

What stood out to you from our discussion on making sacrifices?
Why is sacrifice essential to fulfilling your destiny?
What is the joy that is set before you?