With Toyin Crandell, high-performance mindset and Dave Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, helping you increase income, become debt free and build wealth.

We bust myths and speak truths to help you increase your income, live debt free, and build wealth so that you can have a positive impact, all to the glory of God!

5 Steps My Clients Use To Increase Their Income, Kiss Financial Struggle Goodbye and Bulletproof Their Financial Future
without getting additional degrees or working until they’re exhausted.

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Client Results

  • I’M DEBT FREE!!! Before being a part of Toyin’s debt freedom sessions I felt overwhelmed and had feelings of dread regarding my debt. I realized that the mindset I had about money clearly wasn’t working for me. So I decided to learn how to shift!

    Toyin’s teaching helped me create and finally stick to a monthly financial plan, increase my income and pay off my debt without feeling overwhelmed.

    My mind is changed, my spending habits are different, I’m earning more money and best of all, I’m debt free!


  • My outlook on life has changed drastically; I am excited for the future and what I can achieve in the days, weeks, months, and years to come! I am no longer stuck. I am accelerating toward my purpose and loving it! I have accomplished more this year than I have in my 6-7 years of being trapped in the same place. I am not afraid to take risks and to believe anymore, and I have joy again!

    The women are wonderful and their progress inspires me to push and go after my own. I have developed friendships and connections that I believe will continue into the following year and beyond, and I look forward to building them! I have so much peace, and even when that is challenged I am not worried because I know my source and He never runs dry! I am learning how to live a healthy, sustainable, efficient, and impactful life.

    — S.S.

  • “I had been so hesitant to look at my student loan statements because my debt was so overwhelming. Speaking to Toyin, I couldn’t run away anymore. I came into our debt freedom coaching session afraid of thinking about my debt and left seeing the end of the road CLEARLY. I have a Get Out Of Debt plan and I am beyond excited!
    Based on the payments I was making, it would have taken me 15-20 years to be debt free. With Toyin’s insight that is cut down to FOUR YEARS!!! With my creditor’s plan, I would have paid over $30,000 interest on a loan that was much less. And now I simply… won’t.
    By Gods grace, I should be debt free in 4 years (or less)! I am so excited. Wow. It is so simple to follow and I would never have thought of this on my own. Thank you Toyin.”

    — F.O.

  • I’ve learned so much about who Jesus is and my prayer and devotional life has grown tremendously, I’ve written a book, participated in worship albums and helped others plan and launch their own arts projects and special events.

    I’ve helped establish and maintain a non-profit organization, a business, and served with other ministries that are making great impact in Canada and around the world. My heart has grown so much for my own city to be a culture that honors and upholds God’s principles.

    There are so many things that I daydreamed about in the past and now have had the opportunity to do on a consistent basis, it’s too long of a list to write. I could not imagine ever doing any of these things on my own. I am so grateful for a chance to be a part of something like this. It was the catalyst I needed to jump-start my life in a greater way.


  • Last year, I was experiencing mind hassles and battles in my faith. I felt stuck in my walk with the Lord. I felt haunted by poor decisions in my past and was resentful that there was a lack of progress in my life.

    God used Toyin to transform my life in very practical ways- from money management to decluttering, her topics touched on areas of my life where I wanted to d change but didn’t know how to begin.

    Toyin’s teaching provided practical steps for me to obtain a life-altering change in the exact areas I needed it. I am now coming out of debt, my home is decluttered and I’m finally walking in the call of God to lead other single mothers.


  • These sessions have helped me look closer to the Scriptures to find God. It’s also encouraged me to at all times to apply the word and honour God and people. Overall, it made me stronger in God.

    I’ve become more patient, non-judgmental, grounded and hopeful. Patience in trials is one thing that really stood out from her lessons and I discovered I really needed to work on getting that to be a part of who I am. I developed that by coming to Toyin’ sessions and by leaning on and trusting more on God than myself. In return that has produced a lot of peace in my life. I’m handling life situations better, with a better understanding of God.

    I can’t stress it enough, being patient at home is something I couldn’t do before, I used to burst out in anger all the time. Many things used to upset me. Now, I have become more patient and am learning to adopt the nature of Christ at home among my family.

    — L.U