High performance certified Neuroscience Coach and Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach

Toyin specializes in helping  people increase their income, live debt free, and build wealth in order to positively impact their family and community.

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If you have ever prayed for financial breakthrough and waited… and waited… only to be disappointed, you are not alone. Millions of Christians work hard – trying to provide for their families and leave a legacy for their children’s children – but find themselves stuck in lack, or “just enough” to get by.

If you have ever felt like financial lack was the pink elephant in the church service – where no one admits how frustrated they feel, but everyone is always “blessed and highly favoured”…

If you see clear financial patterns you’ve tried to break out of but keep returning to…

If you have achieved a fair level of success in your career but feel like you have plateaued…

If you love to give and support people and ministries in need but don’t have the means to give at the level you desire… this book is for you.

In Money Mindset SHIFT. Church Edition, high performance mindset and finance coach Toyin Crandell sets out to assist Christians who are called to the marketplace identify the top 9 myths specific to Christians that keep you stuck financially and how to get unstuck, live debt free and build a legacy of wealth for generations to come – to the glory of God.

You can have a vibrant relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ and be a financial pillar for your family, community, ministries, missionaries, and God-projects. Read to see how…

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bulletproof your financial future

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